Collection: East-African Coffee

Looking for a coffee that’s not only delicious but also has an ethical and sustainable background? Look no further than East-African coffee from Burundi. With a variety of roasts and flavors, it’s not only delectable, but it also supports local farmers and their families. By purchasing any of our flavorful coffee varieties, you’re helping to strengthen and support communities throughout the continent. We’re purchasing these exceptional coffee beans directly from Burundi farmers and roasting the Burundi coffee beans here in Detroit. This process allows the beans to thrive in their unique growing conditions. It means Burundi coffee beans provide an otherworldly flavor. Experience the rich, bold flavors of East-African coffee from Burundi today and enjoy a cup that not only tastes great but also makes a positive impact on the world. Take a look at our amazing selection today to explore a variety of options and discover the perfect blend for you.