Our Story

Nadia & Mamba

Coming to this country in 2015 as refugees, unable to speak the language and being introduced to an entirely new way of life. Nadia came to Detroit two years before Mamba, and she arrived pregnant with twins. The couple and their children lived at Freedom House Detroit throughout the first few years, and they aided them with so many things, from learning English to introducing them to the entrepreneurial ecosystem within Detroit. That community took a risk, and Nadia and Mamba were able to begin working on their business venture — Baobab Fare, a restaurant that would introduce Detroit to the flavors and culture of Burundi and become a community gathering space unlike any other in the city. Nadia and Mamba’s mission in their business endeavors is to give back to the community and city that has provided them so much, including a home for them and their girls.


Hamissi Mamba

Nadia Nijimbere


Baobab Fare

More than a restaurant, Baobab Fare is a gathering space where all are welcome and embraced. Baobab Fare is an East African restaurant offering food that honors traditional dishes served in Burundi, the birthplace of husband-and-wife owners Nadia Nijimbere and Hamissi Mamba. The restaurant resides at the intersection of Woodward Avenue and Grand Boulevard and is a safe space for immigrants and Detroiters alike and a community space where all are welcomed and embraced. Mamba and Nadia are passionate about giving back to their native Burundi, and the market at Baobab Fare stocks coffee beans imported from Burundi and roasted in Detroit, in addition to other items from artists and makers that reside in both locations. You are not only our guest, you are our family. Thank you for being here as we share our East African fare, culture, and community.

“Detroit welcomed us as refugees. That is important because it became our home. A place that welcomed us with open arms and because of that we have the responsibility to encourage enrichment of the city, through immigration from international countries. We also share our stories and many others through our food, and through our community space. It’s where conversations and understanding intersect.”

– Hamissi Mamba, Co-Owner